The World’s Best Pizza Guide

I appreciate that the statement above is a tall order, but bare with me.

Hello! I’m Miles, and I’m the head chef here at guide.pizza

I started my Pizza journey some 32 years ago, when I was a manager at a chain Pizza store. I then had my own restaurant sized wood fired pizza oven built in my backyard around 16 years ago.

Laptop, pizza and my assistant, Hamlet
Laptop, pizza and my assistant, Hamlet

I talk pizza so much, I drive my girlfriend and friends crazy. If its to do with pizza, there is a very good chance I know about it, have done it, have eaten it or will do so, in the quest for pizza knowledge.

This pizza guide will become (over time) a large database of pizza styles, as well as publish guides on everything pizza. How to make dough, how to mix toppings, how to bake in a kitchen or wood fired oven and plenty more.

I am thankful for the people who have supported me in getting this far, and look forward to having you join me.

Thank you for being a part of this pizza guide journey!



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