Can You Cook Pizza on the Cardboard It Came In?

Can You Cook Pizza on the Cardboard It Came In?
Can You Cook Pizza on the Cardboard It Came In?

So you’ve brought home a frozen or store bought pizza in packaging, and you’ve taken the plastic off and are wondering if you can cook pizza on the cardboard that sits under it? Maybe you’ve got takeaway pizza leftovers from yesterday and wondering if you can put it in the oven, pizza box and all?

Pizza is usually cooked in an oven, on a stovetop, or in a wood-fired brick oven. Worst case, it’s cooked in a microwave. If you are someone who may have wondered, ‘can you cook pizza on the cardboard?’, then this article was written just for you!

Can you cook pizza on the cardboard?

No, you should never cook pizza on the cardboard in the oven. Think about it. Cardboard is typically an extremely flammable substance. This means that it will catch fire or ignite at a certain temperature. Your kitchen oven is more than enough to cause it to catch fire.

Depending on the kind of oven you have, the danger of a bigger fire arises as well. Because the heating components in older ovens are more exposed to the inside of the oven, you are at a higher risk of igniting yourself.

The danger of ignition is reduced in contemporary ovens because the heating element is better protected. However, placing cardboard in the oven is never a good idea.

Sure, there are plenty of individuals out there that will claim that they’ve left the cardboard in the oven, and have been successful. This is most likely a result of the cardboard not being heated to 427 F or greater.

Just because your oven may not be set to that temperature does not always mean you won’t start a fire.

When there are so many better options available that won’t blow your kitchen up in flames, there is simply no need to take the chance of putting cardboard in your oven!

Pizza on cardboard is flammable
Pizza on cardboard is flammable

Why should I not use cardboard to cook pizza?

There are three basic justifications for why cardboard should never be used in an oven, even if you want to cook some delicious pizza for lunch or dinner.

Oven fire

We recommend that you not put cardboard in the oven due to the possibility of generating spontaneous combustion there. This not only has the potential to destroy your oven, but it also has the potential to fill your kitchen with smoke and start a house fire.

Slow time to cook

Leaving the cardboard circle on the bottom of your pizza might make the cooking process go more slowly. This will extend the time it takes to cook the delicious pizza you’re craving. It will take longer for the crust to cook and become crisp since there is a layer between the heat source and your pizza.

Releases chemicals

A pizza’s cardboard base is generally coated with an anti-grease coating. When these chemicals are cooked, vapours are emitted and absorbed into your pizza. This will give it a peculiar flavour and perhaps introduce potentially dangerous elements to your system.

Why does packaged pizza come with cardboard?

Frozen and fresh pizza are wrapped in packaging not so you can you cook pizza on the cardboard. It’s for these three main reasons.

To keep costs down

Packaged pizza (frozen or fresh) usually comes with cardboard on the base, mainly to keep packaging costs down. It isn’t to encourage you to can you cook pizza on the cardboard.

The cost of plastic wrap and one small round sheet of cardboard is way cheaper than some complicated packaging, and face it; these pizza companies aren’t going to give away a pizza stone or metal tray with their products.

Cardboard keeps frozen pizza in shape

Frozen pizza normally comes with a cardboard sheet as the base, to keep the pizza in shape. Imagine putting it in a large box, with no other materials? The truck takes it from the factory to the warehouses, they then truck to distributor centres, they then transport it to shops.

Then you pick it up in the shop, throw it in the trolley, place it sideways in a shopping bag. You get the idea here. The cardboard isn’t given as a baking suggestion; they often have warnings about why you shouldn’t cook pizza on the cardboard in an oven.

Cardboard keeps moisture out

The longer a fresh pizza sits in a shop fridge, the more the cheese begins to ‘sweat’ and so do many other toppings. If it were purely just wrapped in airtight plastic, you’d end up with a small puddle of water inside.

The cardboard helps wicker that moisture out. Look at the cardboard the next time you unwrap one of those store bought pizzas; see the marks on it?

Frozen Pizza with plastic and cardboard packaging
Frozen Pizza with plastic and cardboard packaging

Why is pizza delivered in cardboard boxes?

Pizza is delivered in boxes not so you can you cook pizza on the cardboard, honest.

Keep it warm

One of the main reasons that pizzerias use cardboard boxes for delivery is to keep the pizza warm. Cardboard is a good insulator, so it helps to retain the heat of the pizza. This is especially important for pizzas that are delivered over long distances, as the heat can dissipate quickly if the pizza is not properly insulated.

Cheap and lightweight

Another reason that pizza is delivered in cardboard boxes is because they are relatively cheap and easy to obtain. Cardboard boxes can be purchased in bulk, which helps to keep costs down for pizzerias. They are also lightweight, which makes them easier to transport and handle. It isn’t so you can you cook pizza on the cardboard.

Sturdy and durable

Cardboard boxes are also strong enough to hold a large, heavy pizza without collapsing or breaking. They are made from layers of corrugated paper, which gives them the strength and durability needed to hold the weight of a pizza and any toppings.


In addition to being practical, cardboard boxes are also a convenient material for pizza delivery because they can be easily printed. Pizzerias can include their logo, contact information, and other details on the box, which helps to promote their brand and make it easy for customers to find them.


So, can you cook pizza on the cardboard? Nope.

Pizza is delivered in cardboard boxes because they are cheap, lightweight, and strong enough to hold a pie and keep it warm during transport. Cardboard is also a convenient material for pizza delivery because it is easy to print on.

Therefore, pizzerias can include their logo and other information on the box. However, if you are thinking about can you cook pizza on the cardboard, we highly recommend that you do not.

Although using your pizza box to bake your pizza could be tempting (and perhaps appear handy), it is just not safe to put cardboard in the oven. We recommend that you use a pizza stone or even bake your pizza straight on the oven rack for a safer option.

Also, remember to remove any plastic wrapping from frozen pizzas before heating them since the plastic may melt and render them inedible. You can be confident that you won’t start a fire and that your pizza will probably be better as a result.