How to Make Pizza Dough in Food Processor

How to Make Pizza Dough in Food Processor
How to Make Pizza Dough in Food Processor

Why bother making pizza dough by hand when you can create it quickly and efficiently in a food processor in 60 seconds? Yes, you read it correctly.

Making wonderfully chewy, golden, crisp pizza is now fast, simple, and hassle-free. You can easily do it if you make the pizza dough in food processor.

How to quickly prepare pizza dough

With this fast pizza dough in food processor recipe you can reduce the time and effort needed to make pizza. The food processor technique in this approach performs all the kneading for you! Your pizza will come out nicely as long as you carefully add the water and don’t overwork the dough.

The weighing of the flour is the only unique step in this fast pizza dough recipe. The flour can be measured out in cups, but if you don’t measure precisely, the weight may be somewhat incorrect. This only indicates that you’ll need to modify the quantity of water you add (it could be slightly more or slightly less than what the recipe calls for).

The crust may not be ideal the first time since making pizza dough requires some skill. This rapid pizza dough’s components and preparation methods are neither unique nor noteworthy. Sometimes you simply have to practise and know what a nice dough feels like to the touch.

If there is too much pizza dough, once you’ve made it, see the below section on freezing the leftover dough.

Food processor pizza dough in a jar
Food processor pizza dough in a jar

How to make pizza dough in food processor


These are the only ingredients you need to make pizza dough in food processor, in no time at all.

  • 6 ounces (177ml) of lukewarm water
  • Active-dry yeast (1 tablespoon)
  • Sugar (½ teaspoon)
  • Bread flour or Italian “00” flour (3 cups)
  • Sea salt (1 teaspoon)
  • Extra virgin olive oil (2 tablespoons)

Food processor method

Add the yeast once the sugar has completely dissolved in the water. Stir thoroughly. The dry ingredients should be added to the food processor bowl using the metal blade and pulsed for three seconds while the yeast is proofing.

Add the yeast and olive oil to the dry ingredients after it has proofed. Combine the wet and dry by pressing the pulse button five to ten times. Add the additional two ounces of water to the measuring cup and rinse out any yeast that remains and add to the dry ingredients, and pulse for three more seconds.

Start the food processor and let it run. Wait until the dough forms a ball and circles the bowl. Count 12 to 15 seconds while this is happening before stopping the machine.

Dust the dough lightly before flipping it over so that the top is now on the bottom. You’ll notice that the bottom of the dough feels warmer than the top.

Repeat the dough-kneading procedure three more times, kneading the dough for a total of about one minute. Take the dough out of the mixing bowl and give it another 30 seconds of hand kneading or until it is smooth and readily bounces back when you probe it with your finger.

This is the ideal moment to shred cheese in the processor if you need to since your work bowl should be almost clean. If not, divide the dough and cover it. Then let the dough rise until it has doubled in size. If necessary, gently oil the dough’s outside and the inside of the mixing bowl.

After around 45 minutes, you’re ready to start working with your dough.

Pizza dough after food processor stage
Pizza dough after food processor stage

How to quickly freeze pizza dough

One of the two dough balls may be frozen if you decide not to use it right away. Just put a zip-top bag with the top closed on each dough ball and freeze. Take the dough out of the freezer to defrost the night before you want to use it.

Take the pizza out of the baggie and let it sit on the counter with plastic wrap on for about 30 minutes before baking it. When you begin stretching the dough, it should be at room temperature. Otherwise, it will be difficult to work with and may not cook evenly.

The best way to store any leftover pizza is in the refrigerator. However, you’ll notice that the taste dwindles with time. Pizza slices from the refrigerator may be cooked thoroughly by being placed immediately in a preheated oven or toaster oven; more kosher salt can then be added as needed.

The preferred method of reheating pizza is in a covered pan over the stovetop with a few drops of water to help wet the dough. This method makes the crust soft and ensures that the cheese is fully melted.

With this rapid food processor pizza dough recipe, you can make the pizza dough in food processor, and have pizza on the table in less than 45 minutes.

That quickness is unbeatable for making handmade pizza dough.


Try out this homemade pizza dough in food processor to get delicious pizza instantly. We hope you will have a fun time baking with this recipe.