How Long Can You Store Pizza or Pizza Dough in the Fridge?

How Long Can You Store Pizza or Pizza Dough in the Fridge?
How Long Can You Store Pizza or Pizza Dough in the Fridge?

I often hear a variety of similar questions, all to do with storing cooked pizza or uncooked pizza or pizza dough in the fridge.

It’s true, there is nothing worse than wasting food, especially if you have gone to some effort to create your own pizza dough and homemade pizza sauce.

To help, in this guide I’ll take us through everything you need to know about how long can pizza last in the fridge, how you can freeze pizza dough, and what to do with your leftover pizza sauce.

How long does pizza last in the fridge?

The USDA suggests a maximum of four days, however that really boils down to what toppings are also on the pizza. If it is anything with seafood, I’d suggest eating it within 24 hours. If there is meat on it, then definitely within 48 hours. If it is simply cheese or vegetarian, maybe up to 4 days.

To be honest, I have never had pizza survive past the following lunch in my fridge. If I do have leftovers, I either give them to guests, or I eat it for lunch the next day.

how long can pizza last in the fridge
How long can pizza last in the fridge?

How long does pizza dough last in the fridge?

You can keep pizza dough in airtight containers or ziplock bags for up to one week in the fridge. Obviously, the longer you leave it, the more chance it is going to spoil.

If you aren’t going to use it in the next 2-3 days, you can either cook the base, so you can add your favourite toppings and just warm it up for lunch, or you can freeze the dough as well.

To find out how to freeze homemade pizza dough, read on!

How long does pizza sauce last in the fridge?

If you have ended up with leftover pizza sauce, it goes great in toasted sandwiches and the like. If you plan to use it within the next week, put it in an airtight container and place in the fridge.

Homemade pizza sauce will typically last 5-7 days before spoiling.

If you only have a small amount and have to need for it, put it in your compost so it doesn’t completely go to waste.

Can I freeze cooked pizza?

Similar to my answer about how long will pizza stay good in the fridge, it often comes down to ingredients. If it has seafood or highly perishable toppings, maybe just eat in the following day. Friends or neighbors may even enjoy it as a gift.

However, if you really want to freeze cooked pizza, here are the steps involved to ensure it stays good in the freezer.

How to freeze cooked pizza successfully

  • Ensure the leftover pizza has cooled completely
  • Wrap tightly with plastic cling wrap or aluminum foil
  • If possible, place into airtight freezer container.
  • Write on the container the date and the type of pizza
  • It is now safe to freeze for up to 3 months

I personally wouldn’t leave the pizza frozen any longer than three months. Make sure you check the date and consume it within that time limit.

Can I freeze pizza dough?
Can I freeze pizza dough?

Can I freeze pizza dough?

Yes, you can freeze pizza dough in your freezer for around three months. What I always do when making dough, is over cater. There’s nothing worse than running out – then with any leftover dough at the end of the evening, I carefully put each dough ball in a freezer sandwich bag, and place it in the freezer.

When it comes time to use it, take it out and either leave in on your bench for the day (still in the sandwich bag), or leave it in your fridge overnight, to slowly defrost.

Once defrosted, you can use that pizza dough just like the day you made it.

Tips for frozen pizza dough

If you find that once defrosted, the dough is wetter or stickier than you would like, try adding a small amount of pizza flour, and knead well.

If you find that it is very dry once defrosted, create a small pool in the centre of the dough and add a teaspoon of olive oil. Kneed well on a floured surface.

Homemade pizza sauce
Homemade pizza sauce

Can I freeze pizza sauce?

You can freeze pizza sauce without losing any quality for up to six months. If you have a fair amount of pizza sauce left over, transfer it to an airtight container and freeze it as soon as possible.

If you only have a small amount left, then for the little cost of making more pizza sauce, I would probably just dispose of it, and make a fresh batch next time.

Tips for freezing pizza sauce

  • Always ensure the pizza sauce is room temperature or colder before packaging to freeze
  • If you plan to freeze the pizza sauce in glass, such as a jar, make sure to put that jar into a freezer bag, in case it bursts in the cold
  • Always write the date clearly on the container or freezer bag, along with “pizza sauce” so you know how long it has been there
  • Make sure to completely defrost and stir well before using the defrosted pizza sauce

In Summary

There’s nothing worse than food going to waste. With a little planning and preparation, we can all save money and effort and keep using the ingredients and the efforts we’ve expelled in creating homemade pizza dough or pizza sauce.