18 Pretty Weird Pizza Facts You’ll Love

18 Pretty Weird Pizza Facts You'll Love
18 Pretty Weird Pizza Facts You'll Love

Ever wanted to know what some people ask about the pizza topic, and what wonderful weird pizza facts are out there? These answers below may be just the thing for your next social engagement involving pizza. Be the talk of the dinner party with this collection of weird pizza facts.

How to say pizza in Italian?

The Italian language is so beautiful sounding. First in our weird pizza facts is the fact that the word pizza translates in Italian to… Pizza. Sorry to disappoint, however Pizza is already an Italian word. Hear how it is pronounced in this handy video.

Actor who delivered pizza with headshots

Once upon a time, there was an actor who delivered pizza with his headshots stuck to them. That’s right, it was Rami Malek who taped headshots into pizza boxes for influential recipients while working as delivery man. The whole story is in this great article.

Where is the world’s oldest pizza parlor?

The world’s oldest pizza parlor is in Naples, Italy, as one would expect. Opened in 1830, Pizzeria Port’Alba, holds the honour of allegedly being the world’s first pizzeria.

However their history goes further back, as the true established date began in 1738, where Antica opened as a food stand on the street. The official Antica Pizzeria Port’Alba is located in Via Port’Alba, in Naples, Italy.

What is kosher pizza?

To make kosher pizza, you have to ensure the ingredients you use and how you combine them adhere to the Jewish “Kosher” laws.

For instance, one very vital rule states that you can never combine dairy and meat together. For a pizza to be kosher, it can have cheese and tomato sauce, however no meat. You can use other ingredients such as mushroom, vegetables, spices and herbs however.

When did pizza rolls come out?

This is a loaded question, as there is much debate on the history of pizza rolls. What we can find, however, is that pizza rolls were allegedly created in the 1960s, by Jeno Paulucci. This came as a the result of Palucci replacing the traditional fillings inside a Chinese egg roll with pizza toppings.

When can i eat pizza after tooth extraction?

We’ve all been there. Have had a tooth extracted and then the pizza cravings begin. Rather than read some weird pizza facts on the Internet, it is best to ask your dentist.

However we do know that the first 24 hours are the most delicate for tooth extractions, so stick to warm soft food during this period. You should be fine to eat some pizza within a few days, just be careful and don’t inhale too many slices too fast!

How to cut pizza without pizza cutter?

It’s true that sometimes you may be caught without a pizza cutter handy. Frustrating, yet it is still possible to cut pizza without a pizza cutter. We actually have an entire article about cutting pizza, and reveal how to do it there.

How long does it take for pizza to digest?

Want to know how long it takes to digest a pizza entirely? You’ve come to the right place! It takes 6-8 hours for your body to fully digest a slice of pizza. This is because a typical Pizza contains sodium, fiber, micronutrients and refined, saturated fats, protein that comes from the cheese and processed meat.

Why is cold pizza so good?

This is self evident, we thought. Cold pizza is so good because it’s well, Pizza. I mean I prefer mine hot, however some people enjoy a cold pizza. Especially those with a hangover; some swear by a cold slice of pizza as a breakfast substitute.

How many syllables in pizza?

Strangely the topic of how many syllables in pizza is an often argued point. We’d rather spend that energy making and consuming pizza, however for the sake of resolving this once and for all, there are two syllables in the word pizza. That is, piz- and -za.

What makes pizza greasy?

This all really depends on the cooking style and ingredients. You’ll find wood fired pizza cooking produces less oils and grease in the finished pizza product. The grease comes from the oils and the fats in meats, seafood and cheeses that are used.

A handy way to get rid of most of the grease, is to slide a thin layer of paper towel between the pizza and plate before you start to eat. Leave it 30-60 seconds, and then Bon Appetit!

Which pizza franchise began in a converted broom closet?

You may have thought that this was a fairytale, however this contender for weird pizza facts is true. One of the big brands in pizza started in the founders fathers tavern.

In 1984, John Schnatter started in the pizza business from a broom closet in his father’s tavern, Mick’s Lounge. He sold his car to buy $1,600 worth of used pizza equipment and started making pizzas in Jeffersonville, Indiana.

Now you are asking who is John Schnatter? Well he’s the founder of Papa John’s.

Why is pizza called pie?

Another one of our weird pizza facts, in the USA, pizza is often referred to as Pie. This happened when Italian immigrants arrived in the US during the late late 1800s. Pizza had many similar qualities to a pie; they are round, they have a crust and are eaten in sliced triangle portions.

How much does a pizza weigh?

It depends of course on the size of the Pizza as well as how many ingredients are on it. However we can share with you that a 10 inch pizza weighs approximately 7 ounces, or 200 grams. A 14 inch pizza is roughly 15 ounces, or 425 grams.

What does double cut pizza mean?

A double cut pizza is exactly how they name implies. It is cut again, making half width slices. So, if you expected an 8 slice pizza, but asked for double cut, it would be 16 thinner slices of pizza. Don’t panic though – it all works out to the same size pizza.

Want to know what does clean cut pizza mean? We have an article on that too.

How many inches is Papa John’s large pizza?

Another mention of Papa John! A large Papa John’s pizza measures 14 inches. This equates to 35.5 centimetres for those who use metric measurements.

Pizza cut in quarters
Pizza cut in quarters (Source)

How many fourths are in a whole pizza?

This is a question that gets asked hundreds of times every month on search engines. It’s true, people really ask how many fourths, or quarters, are in a whole pizza.

The trick is in the name, fourth. There are four of these in a whole pizza. There are four fourths in a whole Burger too. Amazing!

How to keep pizza from sticking to peel?

We will end this article with a very clever question. If you are using a pizza peel to transfer your pizza from the preparation bench into a wood-fired oven, the best way to avoid it sticking is to use coarse flour such as Semolina.

Put a reasonable handful on the peel and then slide the pizza on and off the peel, being careful to keep the peel fairly horizontal the whole time.


I trust you found something interesting in our long list of weird pizza facts. This will hopefully become one of a series of articles on some of the stranger questions we’ve been asked, or stranger things we know about Pizza.