What Is Double Crust Pizza (and How to Make One)?

What Is Double Crust Pizza {and How to Make One)?
What Is Double Crust Pizza {and How to Make One)?

Have you ever heard of a double crust pizza? They are a special kind of pizza that has two layers of crust, with the usual pizza sauce, toppings and cheese sandwiched in between them.

The top crust is typically the same as the bottom crust. However, it can also be made with a different type of dough or with a different texture, such as a flaky or buttery crust.

Features of a Double Crust Pizza

One of the main features of a double crust pizza is that it provides an additional layer of insulation for the toppings and cheese, which helps keep them warm and well melted. For some pizza aficionados, they find that his can make the pizza more satisfying and enjoyable to eat, especially when it is served hot out of the oven.

Another feature of a double crust pizza is that it can be used to create a variety of different flavour combinations. The top crust can be brushed with butter or olive oil, sprinkled with herbs or spices, or even topped with additional cheese or meats. This allows for a wide range of creative and delicious toppings to be used on the pizza.

Double crust pizzas have twice the actual crust than single crust pizzas. This can make them more filling and satisfying to eat. Additionally, it also helps to keep the toppings and cheese from spilling out of the crust during baking.

In some areas and countries, double crust pizzas are growing in popularity fast, and are quickly becoming known for their delicious thick, buttery crusts and range of mouth watering toppings.

Illustration: Layers in a double crust pizza
Illustration: Layers in a double crust pizza

How to make a double crust pizza

The easiest way to create a double crust pizza, is to follow the illustration above.

I will walk you through, step by step.

Start by following your usual tried and tested pizza dough recipe as you normally would, to make an amazing homemade pizza. However please remember that you will require twice the amount of dough for each pizza, so you may wish to double your recipe to ensure you have enough to make both a bottom and top crust for each pizza you plan to make.

Once your pizza dough has been through your fermentation process, and you have balled the dough ready for use, on a well floured surface, then let’s roll up the sleeves and get to work.

You should start by either lighting your outdoor pizza oven, or placing your pizza stone on the top rack of your traditional kitchen gas or electric oven, and preheat it to at least 400° F (205° Celcius).

You can also use a pizza steel for this, if you have one available.

Now it is time to prepare your pizza toppings, if you have yet to do so. Slice or chop up the ingredients you will be using, and set them aside in small glass or ceramic bowls or plates for easy access later.

Prepare your base and top crusts

To make a double crust pizza, you will first need to work on creating two pizza bases. Start by taking one of the dough balls that you have prepared, and then begin to hand stretch it out.

Using your hands, shape the dough into a round pizza that is approximately 12-14 inches in diameter. As you work the dough, be sure to lightly flour the ball and your hands to prevent sticking.

Next, place the shaped dough onto a well floured wood or metal pizza peel or preparation board. This will make it easy to slide the pizza onto your pizza stone when it’s time to bake.

Now, do the same again with another dough ball. Once it is at a similar size to the base crust (see illustration) set it gently to one side.

Assemble your pizza

Now, it’s time to add the sauce and toppings to your base crust. Spread out your favorite pizza sauce on the base. Make sure to leave a 1 inch perimeter around the edge without any of the sauce. This area will be used to seal the two crusts together later.

Now comes the best part, choosing and adding your desired toppings, such as your favorite meats, vegetables and cheese, reserving some cheese for the top crust.

Once you’ve completed this step, it is time to take the second crust that you made (called the top crust in the illustration above) and carefully lay it over the top of the prepared toppings and base crust. Be careful not to allow the top crust to tear at all, and that the edges of the top crust line up with the edges of the bottom crust.

Once aligned properly, you should then pinch together the top and bottom edges. Fold the dough as you would when making an apple pie. Make sure that your pinching is melding the two halves together. Use a knife to make several small cuts around the center of the pizza to allow steam to escape while baking.

For an optional step, you can top off the top of the double crust pizza with a sprinkle of cheese, grated Romano or Parmesan. You can also add some oregano, basil or olive oil as well.

Cooking your pizza

Now that your pizza is ready, slide it off the peel onto your pizza stone in the oven. You should bake for 20 minutes or until both the bottom and top crusts are well browned. Keep an eye on the pizza as it bakes and regularly check the bottom crust for browning.

If the top crust is browning too quickly compared to the bottom, cover it with foil for the remaining baking time. All ovens are different, so you may need to adjust the baking time and temperature as needed.

Once the pizza is finished baking, allow it to cool down for at least 5-10 minutes before cutting and serving. This will make it easier to cut the pizza into slices and will also prevent burning your mouth.

It is now time to enjoy that delicious double crust pizza.

Double crust pizza slices
Double crust pizza slices (Source)

Differences between double crust pizza and calzone pizza

So now let’s take a closer look at the differences between calzone pizza and double crust pizza. They may seem pretty similar at first glance.

Calzone pizza

Calzone pizza is a type of pizza that is folded in half, creating a pocket of delicious toppings encased in a crispy dough. The toppings in a calzone pizza are typically the same as you would find on a traditional pizza, such as cheese, meats, and vegetables. Calzones are sometimes served with a side sauce for dipping.

Double crust pizza

On the other hand, double crust pizza is a pizza that has an additional layer of dough on top of the toppings. This creates a sandwich-like effect, with the toppings nestled between two layers of dough. Double crust pizzas are typically thicker and heavier than traditional pizzas and are typically cut into wedges like a pie.

When it comes to cooking, calzones and double crust pizzas are often cooked in a wood-fired oven or gas/electric oven.

Overall, the main difference is the amount of crust. A calzone has a typical sized pizza worth of crust folded over, whereas a double crust pizza has exactly as the name implies; double the amount of crust as a typical pizza.


We hope our guide on double crust pizza has got you inspired to try to create one at home and enjoy cooking and creating something new on your next pizza night.

Fun to make, and great to eat, double crust pizzas are known for their flavour combinations, making them grow in popularity among pizza lovers.