About Jalapeno

A fruit of the Capsicum pod type, Jalapeño Peppers are medium sized hot Peppers when compared to other chili Peppers. Jalapeno are popular for their mild heat level, which is roughly 5,000 Scoville Heat Units, which is in the middle of the heat charts.


Originating in Mexico, Jalapeño Peppers are now grown worldwide, and are a popular addition to many cuisines. The word Jalapeno is Spanish for “Jalapa”, the capital of Veracruz, Mexico where it first grew.

Jalapeno on pizza

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Hamachi Jalapeno Pizza

Hamachi Jalapeno Pizza (Japan)

Hamachi Jalapeno Originating from Japan, this Hamachi Jalapeno pizza is a flavorful seafood pizza worth trying at home. Baked with…

Mexicana Pizza (Sweden)

Mexicana Pizza (Sweden)

Mexicana Originating from Sweden, this Mexicana pizza is a delectable meat pizza worth eating. Baked as shown, this pizza provides…

Vegetarian Taco Pizza (Mexico)

Vegetarian Taco Pizza (Mexico)

Vegetarian Taco A great vegetarian pizza, covered in fresh toppings. Created with care, this pizza has an exceptional flavor, matching…

Taco Style Pizza (Mexico)

Taco Style Pizza (Mexico)

Taco Style Taco Pizza is a Mexican meets Italian dish. A pizza topped with beans, salsa, beef, cheese, and all…

Tuna Pizza (China)

Tuna Pizza (China)

Tuna First made in China, this Tuna pizza is a delicious seafood pizza you will enjoy. Baked with love, this…

Stuffed Mexican Style Pizza

Stuffed Mexican Style Pizza (Mexico)

Stuffed Mexican Style Take make this pizza, all toppings are sprinkled with Pepper jack Cheese Made with care, the below…

Pulled Pork Pizza (UK)

Pulled Pork Pizza (UK)

Pulled Pork Pulled pork is special on its own specially when it is cooked slow roasted and smoked over the…

Jalapeno Pizza (Denmark)

Jalapeno Pizza (Denmark)

Jalapeno Originally from Denmark, this Jalapeno pizza is a tasty pizza you’ll want to try. Made as shown, the below…

Double Pepperoni Pizza (Iceland)

Double Pepperoni Pizza (Iceland)

Double Pepperoni Originally from Iceland, this Double Pepperoni pizza is a yummy meat pizza that’s easy to make. Made well,…

Spicy Deluxe Pizza (Japan)

Spicy Deluxe Pizza (Japan)

Spicy Deluxe Originally from Japan, this Spicy Deluxe pizza is a delectable meat pizza that’s easy to make. Made as…

Shrimp Pizza Thailand

Shrimp Pizza (Thailand)

Shrimp This pizza is a fusion of Italy’s pizza and Thailand’s shrimp satay with peanut sauce! A mouth-watering treat with…

Vegan Thai Cauliflower Pizza

Vegan Thai Cauliflower Pizza (Thailand)

Vegan Thai Cauliflower This Vegan Thai Cauliflower Pizza combines spicy and saucy peanut sauce, zesty cauliflower, cilantro, carrot, soybean sprouts…