About Pear

There are more than 3000 different varieties of pears around the world. A medium pear has about 100 calories, and lots of vitamins C, K, B2, B3, and B6.


As well as being served raw, Pears do well when baked, roasted, poached, sautéd and grilled. The United States is one of the largest producers of pears in the world.

Pear on pizza

See pizzas that contain Pear below

Casa Di Alicia Pizza

Casa Di Alicia Pizza (Spain)

Casa Di Alicia Hungry for a to-die-for pizza? Look no further than this delicious recipe. Made as shown, this pizza…

Pancetta and Pear Pizza (Australia)

Pancetta and Pear Pizza (Australia)

Pancetta and Pear Originating from Australia, this Pancetta and Pear pizza is a mouth watering meat pizza you should taste….