Soy Sauce

Hamachi Jalapeno Pizza

Hamachi Jalapeno Pizza (Japan)

Hamachi Jalapeno Originating from Japan, this Hamachi Jalapeno pizza is a flavorful seafood pizza worth trying at home. Baked with…

Kung Pao Pizza (China)

Kung Pao Pizza (China)

Kung Pao Originally from China, this Kung Pao (Gong Bao) pizza is a flavorful pizza you will enjoy. Carefully baked,…

Satay Vegetables Pizza

Satay Vegetables Pizza (Indonesia)

Satay Vegetables First created in Indonesia, this Satay Vegetables pizza is a mouth watering pizza you will like. Made with…

Peking Duck Pizza

Peking Duck Pizza (UK)

Peking Duck Get your fix of two crowd favorites, a chinese food and a pizza, in this one crusty and…