About Vegetables

Add your favorite vegetables, and try a mix that you haven’t used before.


Exploring toppings is a fun way to enjoy pizza and the art of creating them.

Vegetables on pizza

See pizzas that contain Vegetables below

Prunes Pizza

Prunes Pizza (Africa)

Prunes First made in Africa, this Prunes pizza is a tasty vegetarian pizza you should try at home. Made with…

Végétarienne Pizza (France)

Végétarienne Pizza (France)

Végétarienne A great vegetarian pizza, covered in fresh toppings. Made with love, this pizza has a distinctive flavor, coupled with…

Vegetarian Pizza

Vegetarian Pizza (Indonesia)

Vegetarian A fantastic pizza, covered in fresh vegetables. Made with care, this pizza has a delightful flavor paired with a…

Vegetariana Pizza (UK)

Vegetariana Pizza (UK)

Vegetariana Most countries have a vegetarian pizza option. These shouldn’t be mistaken for Vegan however, as normally they include Cheese….

Wholewheat Pizza

Wholewheat Pizza (Israel)

Wholewheat Made with a wholeMeat dough. Being from Israel, this pizza is Kosher. Make time to choose the freshest ingredients…

Homemade Stromboli Pizza

Stromboli Pizza (USA)

Stromboli Bresaola is a salted Beef Stromboli is a type of turnover filled with various Italian cheeses and cold cuts…